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  • BONUS:  A copy of Laura's Book, The Power of Civility!


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Law is one of the most competitive industries today. 

The ABA shares:

  • There are approximately 1.3 million lawyers in the United States. 
  • Each year, over 34,000 new lawyers join the field.
  • Nearly half (47%) of these new lawyers become employed by law firms.

Lawyers are under continual scrutiny by clients, boards, industry peers, judges, juries, the media, partners, and coworkers. Lawyers need the skills to handle themselves in all types of business and social situations.

As a lawyer, you are "supposed" to have all the answers. Or at least, know where to find the answers. Yet, there are just some things you don’t learn in law school, on the job, or from your mentor.


How can you distinguish yourself and stand out among your peers?

How can you distinguish yourself in the marketplace among the competition?

How can you earn the respect of both judge and jury in the courtroom?  


The Refined Lawyer™

  • A unique online coaching membership program.
  • Guides new lawyers in upgrading their professional and social capital skills.
  • Provides practical ideas and strategies that will help you present a more professional imagebuild your social capital, and enable you to move with ease and confidence on any level in the firm, court, and public arenas.
  • Provides you with the opportunity to discuss issues YOU are facing in the workplace and in working relationships. 

What Can I Expect In The Refined Lawyer™ Program?


In this private membership only forum, you will have the opportunity to both seek and share best practices on key issues of professionalism in today's legal workplace. 


These topic driven group coaching calls will be conducted live (and then recorded) with Laura and cover scheduled topics of discussion. You are invited to send your topic-related questions to Laura prior to each group coaching call to get into the Hot Seat and get personal help.


Twice-monthly "Coffee Chats with Laura" live Q&A informal chats to answer questions you may have on the subject.


Quarterly Targeted Topic eLearning & videos of 3-5 minute pre-recorded sessions answering the hottest professionalism topics so you are "in the know!'


The Monthly Memo will provide you with topics such as "How to Handle" using contemporary situations; share upcoming events; and more!


The Membership Portal contains both Resources and a Content Library.
Resources include helpful tip sheets, relevant articles, and additional tools to build skills.
The Content Library contains the  collection of recorded group coaching calls, and targeted pre-recorded topic audio and videos. 

The Refined Lawyer™ Exclusive Online Membership Coaching Program Guides Lawyers In Mastering Business Professionalism and Social Capital Skills to Build Relationships, Create Positive Interactions, and Increase Their Book of Business

The Refined Lawyer™ program is NOT an online course. If you are looking for another course to add to your collection, this program is NOT for you.

The program is NOT a course or series of trainings.

There are no single courses, books, or programs that can address the breadth of topics that this membership addresses. 

Why is this important? Because in this exclusive coaching membership, you will hear from like-minded counterparts, and both give and receive feedback.

Each month we cover a new topic while addressing specific questions, concerns, and experiences. In this secured community for members only, you share only what you are comfortable sharing.

"It is often the nuances of interaction that create miscommunication, and once an individual understands these nuances, communication, negotiation, relationship-building, and working relationships will be more effective." Laura Barclay


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($182.84 monthly*) 

Included: Exclusive Community Group

Included: Monthly Structured Group Coaching Calls

Included: Twice-Monthly "Coffee Calls with Laura"

Included: Quarterly Targeted Topic eLearning & videos 

Included: The Refined Lawyer™ Monthly Memo

Included: Membership Portal of Resources and Content with 24/7 Access

BONUS: Price Guarantee for Lifetime of Your Membership! Your Annual Dues Will Not Increase! 


(*Duration: 12 months, billed annually, single license) 




($166.42 monthly*)

Included: Exclusive Community Group

Included: Monthly Structured Group Coaching Calls

Included: Twice-Monthly "Coffee Calls with Laura"

Included: Quarterly Targeted Topic eLearning & videos 

Included: The Refined Lawyer™ Monthly Memo

Included: Membership Portal of Resources and Content with 24/7 Access

BONUS: Lifetime Membership (offer expired 2/29/2020)

BONUS: 45-minute Private Coaching Call with Laura

BONUS: Complimentary Copy of The Power of Civility


(*Duration: 12 months, billed annually, single license) 


Professionalism & Civility Are Key to Your Success


You will learn the answers to such questions as: 

  • What body language can erode credibility in the courtroom?
  • How do you form effective office relationships with your staff?
  • How do you build trusting relationships with your clients?
  • How do you build and enhance your "personal brand?"
  • What may you be doing that annoys your coworkers?
  • and MORE! MUCH MORE!

You don’t have to go it alone! Join The Refined Lawyer™ Membership and you will...


  • Feel prepared for various business and social situations
  • Increase your confidence
  • Improve your relationships
  • Increase your social competence
  • Successfully enhance your reputation
  • Improve your career opportunities
  • Work more effectively with partners, peers, and staff
  • Communicate confidently with clients, opposing counsel, and in the courtroom
  • and MORE....


Who Is the Refined Lawyer™ Membership For?

This program is a must if you are a lawyer lacking a coach to help you...  Embarrassed by your lack of knowledge in office and client relationship-building...  Know something in your client communication is 'Off' though not sure what it is....  Simply need some polish and to gain knowledge of the finer points of communication... then this program IS for YOU!


The Refined Lawyer™ membership is designed for lawyers right out of law school to six years of experience, though all lawyers can benefit. The following lawyers will benefit from membership in the Refined Lawyer™ program: Lawyers in All Industries ⎯ Lawyers Experiencing a Firm Merger/Acquisition ⎯ Transaction Lawyers ⎯ Litigation Lawyers ⎯ Solo Practitioners ⎯ Boutique Firm Lawyers ⎯ Small Firm Lawyers ⎯ Mid-sized Firm Lawyers ⎯ Large Firm Lawyers ⎯ Multinational Firm Lawyers ⎯ BigLaw Lawyers ⎯ In-house Counsel ⎯ Government Lawyers

Regardless of your specialization, I am confident that the strategies and approaches I’ll be sharing, and we’ll be discussing, can improve your business relationships and your practice. Register for the Refined Lawyer™ Now!

Laura Helps Lawyers Master Business Professionalism and Civility


Laura Barclay is the creator of The Refined Lawyer™ program, coauthor of The Power Civility, and Founder of the Civility & Etiquette Centre. Through The Refined Lawyer™ program, Laura helps lawyers enhance their practices and client relationships by improving their business professionalism, social competence, and communication skills. Laura provides coaching, mentoring, and guidance focused on real life situations lawyers face in their work.

Laura has provided training to hundreds of organizations, and thousands of business professionals, including new and seasoned attorneys, paralegals, and legal support staff in law firms, in-house and government legal departments, and legal associations.

Laura has over 25 years experience in human resources, training and development, employee relations communications, and organization development. She is a featured expert on television, radio, and quoted in newspapers and magazines across the country.



You Will Find Laura Featured On...

"I feel like I have an advantage with the knowledge you have shared."

Brittany K.
Santa Fe College

"I hired Laura to have her brush up on my Business/Personal Etiquette and was blown away by her level of knowledge on the subject. I immediately was able to put into practice her lessons with my clients and colleagues. I found her seminar invaluable!"

Kelly S.

"Your ability to share knowledge from other projects you have worked on, and your communication style, are truly exemplary. With your assistance I have been able to make great strides in building a strategy for (the department). Thank you."

Coaching Client, Multinational Professional Services Firm

"Your time and formal coaching has been influential in developing my confidence."

Coaching Client. Multinational Professional Services Firm

"We invited Laura Barclay to present her work on Civility and Respect in the workplace as part of our ongoing Respect campaign and initiative. We were delighted with the reception this received, as this is a topic that resonates with many in our University community. Considering she spoke in late June at a time when many are out on vacation we had an excellent turnout. Several attendees thanked us as they left the event, and their feedback was exceptional and positive. Some of the comments I heard were "Barclay really nailed the atmosphere in my office" and "I hope you bring her back to speak again" and several said they couldn't wait to read her book."

Univ. of Minnesota

"Great info – Validated some and very enlightening on what I thought I knew but was mistaken."

Coaching Client, San Jose, CA Professional Services Firm

Frequently Asked Questions

The Refined Lawyer™ program is designed for lawyers with up to six years of experience, however seasoned lawyers will also benefit by participating in the program.. 

The  Refined Lawyer™ program provides you with the opportunity to build your interpersonal communication to better serve your clients, work associates, the court, and your career! You receive:

  • Exclusive Members Only Group where you can ask questions, encourage others, and review resources and previous sessions, 
  • Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls on specific topics. 
  • Bi-weekly Coffee Chats with Laura. These are more informal and provide you with the opportunity to ask your burning questions and/or to share examples.
  • Quarterly pre-recorded topic-based training.
  • Monthly Memo filled with such items as tips, success stories, scenarios, resources, and more!
  • 24/7 Access to the Private Member Portal which holds resources and the content library for ready tools for you.
  • Opportunities to ask your questions prior to our group calls. Your question may be featured! (Confidentially with the group if choose.) Or Laura can reply to you personally.  

The subscription to the Refined Lawyer™ program is annual.

It is an automatic renewal. Should you wish to cancel your renewal, simply provide a 30-day email notice to


Yes! You may join at any time. All previously recorded sessions will be in the Membership Portal for you to access.

We start March 12, 2020 with our first call!

As a paid member before this date, you needn't wait to ask questions until the program officially begins. Send your questions to Laura anytime. 

The schedule will be shared in the Membership Portal. No need to feel overwhelmed. Attend as your schedule permits and access the Member Portal for the recorded sessions.Each month you can plan on:

  • 1 Topic Driven Monthly Group Coaching Call
  • 2 Coffee Chats with Laura (send your questions to Laura prior to the chat if you are unable to attend)
  • Monthly Memo
  • I'm in the private membership community every day, so you can always ask me burning questions if you find yourself struggling!


The Refined Lawyer™ program has been designed for the busy lawyer. Attend the live sessions as your schedule permits. All group sessions will be recorded for future review so you won't miss out. In addition, you may your burning questions to Laura for a private reply as applicable.  

The program is not certified for CLE credits. As it is not a course per se, and instead is a coaching program, you would need to check with your state accrediting board.

Certificates are not generally provided, however, should you need a certificate to submit for applicable CLE credit, contact Laura at  

Register for the Refined Lawyer™ Now!


Business Professionalism for Lawyers

Learn to Navigate the Nuances of Communication





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